Hi people, How has April been? I missed you so much. School has been busy busy. I'm glad I'm back*smiles* We're starting a Guest Writers Series. Yipee! Today, we have our first guest writer on the blog *whoop whoop* *dancing Shaku Shaku*(honestly I've not had any chance to try out this dance because there's no... Continue Reading →

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Hi everyone, *Phew* I finally did this. Its been a roller coaster of different things and emotions since my last post and I'm glad that I'm back and better. So I'll be sharing my notes from the conference, I wish I could explain everything but I can't else this post will span into ten parts... Continue Reading →

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Haba..... safe yam! Ewo tuni safe yam (meaning which one again is safe yam in Yoruba) What exactly is safe yam sef? Before I go into explaining myself Huraaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!   Its March!!!! I’m super excited. I'm sure some of you are like, why is she always excited not only excited but super excited about beginnings... Continue Reading →

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Hi Guys, How has your February been so far? *covers face* I was delaying this post cos of laziness and procrastination like I dunno why. I finally got around to posting it because so many people have been messaging me about winning the book. Thanks guys for pushing me forward. I LEGIT HAVE THE BEST... Continue Reading →

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Are you really sure you want January to end?

  Hi everyone, This is my first post here....yipppeeee!!!! I'm glad that I'm finally doing this. So proud  of me. Let's get straight to our topic for today. I've seen so many posts, comments and status updates complaining about the length of January, how it is the longest month ever, blah, blah, blah. It's been... Continue Reading →

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