Hi Guys,

How has your February been so far?

*covers face*

I was delaying this post cos of laziness and procrastination like I dunno why. I finally got around to posting it because so many people have been messaging me about winning the book. Thanks guys for pushing me forward. I LEGIT HAVE THE BEST NETWORK.

I’m currently on a holiday away from the noise of the city in a village with a family friend. It’s been worship, sleep, catching up and so much fun and catching up on all our music gist.

How are y’all preparing for Val’s day? oh you thought I won’t ask, I like gist in case you don’t know. I need to know ooh.

I’m not about to give one “strong” pre-valentine lecture. Don’t be scared by the title. I’m actually doing my first book giveaway. I’m so excited. I didn’t think I would be doing giveaways so soon. Thank God for his blessing and the blessing that has made me a blessing.


In the Spirit of Valentine, I would be giving away a free copy of Dating Intelligently by Laju Iren. She’s an amazing writer, trust me. She has written two books in less than a year woaaaah. I’m almost done reading my copy of Selfie with Bible Girls and I also read her blog but mostly her Instagram Page(which I read consistently) and watch her videos on her Youtube. I pretty much follow Pastor Laju everywhere*covers face*

So, how do you win the book.

First, this giveaway is for people who reside in Abuja. Don’t worry guys other giveaways are coming soon.

  1. You must be following @tobifusika and @lajuiren on Instagram.
  2. Tell me how your ideal valentines day would be in the comment section below.
  3. Tell me one really important relationship/marriage advice that is everything  for you in the comment section too.
  4. May the best (wo)man win.

You can also attend the book launch if you’re in Lagos. Isn’t she beautiful???





Add yours

  1. 1)Already following
    2) My ideal Valentine would be Taking my family and siblings out for dinner and making them feel special and loved.
    3) To me relationship is about two people loving each other irrespective of their flaws and showing each other in Marriage just a glimpse of how much Christ loves them through the love of each other

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  2. My ideal valentines day would be a quiet evening with the love of my life, plenty food, laughter and silliness ❤. If I were single, I’d take myself out, eat to my fill, come back home and watch my fav series until I sleep off, fun still 😝.

    Advice : COMMMUNICATE with your partner. Assumption is the lowest form of knowledge, sometimes its really not what you think.

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