Hi everyone,

February is about to end. We have about five days left. Yipee!!

Who’s excited? Who isn’t? Who slayed their February goals? Who didn’t?

We’re almost in the third month of the year, one quarter almost gone. I can’t believe it myself.

Pain can be sweet my dear friends. I never knew I would be able to say this without flinching or crying or having an emotional  moment. Instead, I’m smiling as I write this. For the one who wants to give up, for the one who doesn’t understand the process they’re in and can’t wait for it to be over. THERE’S PURPOSE IN PAIN!!

Last year, I came across Lauren Daigle on Instagram. A big sister shared the lyrics of the song and I was like woow. I had to have this song. a little while after then, a friend sent the entire album to me. The season I was in then needed that album. Like, no other album trumps Hillsong worship in my life(I’ve been listening to Hillsong since I was six, thanks to my mum). Surprisingly in that season that I was in, nothing beat Lauren Daigle’s “How can it be”. Every song matched what I was feeling and going through. the album didn’t match my pain but matched what my Spirit was saying despite my pain(declaring God as God despite what I was going through). I also reminded me that it was a phase and it would not last forever. Haven said this, I hope you go hunting for the album(Don’t worry, I might just share).

A few weeks after then, I was watching her receive an award on Youtube and she talked about how she wrote that album after her grandfather died. I smiled, a lone tear fell from my face. I understood why I could relate a lot with the album. We had both lost something.  I felt rejected, she felt left alone. From that dark place of pain came a beautiful album that has helped me and millions of other amazing people rise out of despair. I also wrote a song from my silent and painful season. I birthed many dreams in the pain phase. I accomplished a lot surprisingly because it’s only the right kind of pressure that can make diamonds come out and all the different stages of refining that makes gold beautiful.


What do you do with your pain? Who do you turn to when you are in pain? Do you know God has a purpose in the midst of your pain? Don’t let pain create something hard, bland and dark out of you. There’s beauty in pain, if only you can look beyond it.

I’ll share two songs that I think really emphasize waiting and pain- Hillsong’s “As it is in heaven” and “Seasons. Also, I recommend Lauren Daigle’s album “How can it be”.

I also stumbled on a blog post today and I think you should read it, it talks about failure. It really blessed me. you can read it here.


Would you share with me how God has used your pain for his good and made beauty out of it below?

Romans 8:18- For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.



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