Haba….. safe yam!

Ewo tuni safe yam (meaning which one again is safe yam in Yoruba)

What exactly is safe yam sef?

Before I go into explaining myself



Its March!!!!

I’m super excited.

I’m sure some of you are like, why is she always excited not only excited but super excited about beginnings an endings.

Errrrm, I want time to pass by quickly  so I can get married and finally have sex and have babies(I’m just joking ooh).

I want school to end, lol. I only just started and I’m anticipating the end(Beht you know how tiring school can be now).

The truth is, I’m excited about beginnings and ends because they signify the start of new things and the end to old things. I’m excited about the unfolding of all my life plans.

That’s it!

I can’t wait for all that God has told me about my life to unravel itself and unfold. Yipeee!!!

That’s why I can’t settle for safe yam.

Yes, you heard me,

Safe yam

This particular yam.



I was peeling this yam for breakfast for my dad and I was admiring how fine it looked. I looked back to the pile of remaining yam and I thought to myself, this one’s safe. If you’re from Nigeria and if you cook, you’ll know that most of us don’t like yams that have bulgy and hideous corners  with bumps, turns and twists that are filled with soil and are just  soooooo annoying to peel.

They can annoy you ehn. Especially if you don’t have a sharp knife. You go know.

If you’re like me, I always select the safe yam. The one that I can peel sharp sharp and move on to other things.

For some of us, that’s how we take life, we like safe yam. We select the things that are easy for us to achieve and then we do it. But really, how accomplished do you feel afterwards. Be sincerely honest with yourself. Safe goals don’t give so much satisfaction compared to goals that scare the hell out of you and challenge you. You know those ones you see when you sleep(They don’t even allow you sleep sef come to think of it).

A quote that shaped last year for me was “When you face your fears, you become FEARLESS” by Lisa Bevere. It challenged me and pushed me. I started looking for fears in my life to conquer bit by bit. I discovered that I became less afraid about life and I started accomplishing some big stuff that had to do with my life and where I was headed.

If your dreams don’t scare you enough, please wake up and dream again till you can’t sleep.

Of course, our topmost goal in life is to LIVE FOR CHRIST AND MAKE HIM KNOWN. Be unashamed about him!

Don’t settle for safe yam.




Peep my new book that came today…..coincidence right naa God-incidence! You can get it here.


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