Hi everyone,

How has March been for you? It’s been long since I posted, I know and I’m sorry.

*apology accepted* Thank you.

I was at the Jesus Culture Conference 2018 in Manchester last weekend themed “ENCOUNTER”. It was an amazing time in God’s presence. The conference was from Thursday till Saturday night. I went for 5 out of 7 sessions. I tried abi.

Program Brochure

I would split this post into two parts. First, my journey and secondly what I learnt from the conference. Stay tuned for the next blog post.

We worshiped, prayed, heard the word and prayed for one another. All the speakers were just saying every thing that God had been telling me previously. It was a confirmation for me. I also hugged Lisa Bevere. It felt like sisterhood, it wasn’t an awestruck moment for me.

I also have gist lol, what’s a blog post without gist of what really went down.

So, my transportation was paid for by my course mate because I didn’t know how to. She even used her student discount card to make sure that I got a discount for my trip. She didn’t even allow me pay her back, so I was just favored and that was my bus fare to and fro.

On the day I was to travel, I got to the coach(bus) station early and I put my luggage in the bus and I stepped out to buy water. By the time I got back, my coach gate 16 was closed. I start asking around for how I could get in, I asked the ticket attendant in the coach right beside me and he was like, he doesn’t know and I’m like what do you mean you don’t know, my luggage is in there and he kept shrugging. I asked him to help me retrieve my luggage(trust me I was paranoid at this point). As he was talking to one of the coach officials someone pushed me past the gates and then the official I dropped my luggage with saw me and he recognized me. Phew. That’s how they allowed me enter the bus ooh. I was scared for a minute and I almost started crying. I had a flashback to how my dad would always tell me to be extra extra early. Sometimes his over zealousness and extra ginger to be early pays.

Coming back, I missed my coach/bus, I was late. Trust girls and gist. I was already prepared to spend money on buying another ticket and fasting throughout the week and probably the next sef.  I joined a previous line going to Birmingham and the woman on the ticket line looked at my ticket. She said you’ve missed your bus and I was like do you have to say it again and rub it in. She showed me the ticket office and I went to pay. As I was leaving with the ticket purchase guy to buy another ticket. She called him back, I was already getting irritated like she should just leave me in peace to pay for another ticket.


He came back to tell me that my ticket had been transferred to the 12:40 pm coach. My joy knew no bounds. I was super excited. So glad and grateful to God. If i ever doubted God’s love, I knew he loved me then. Excess love something ooh. He even helped me carry my luggage to one coffee shop so I could sit there to wait till it was time for my bus to leave. I had Hot chocolate(for some reason, I don’t like coffee made with a coffee machine) so Hot Chocolate or Chocolate milk is always it for me.

I also read “The Richer Woman” while I waited recommended by my friend, Odinaka. I’m almost done reading the book.


My trip home went well. I got home by past six pm and I couldn’t make it to church but I got home and I rested and ate.

Before I left on Sunday for London, I jogged and took a picture of the sky.

I think there was a shooting star. It was a beautiful morning and a holiday that I needed. Thanks to Temilore for taking care of me. It was also her birthday while I was in Manchester. I got her a gift and her housemates got her cake which she sent me home with. Yum.


Manchester was beautiful. Thank God. Uber took my money sha but God is my provider.

Stay tuned for the part two.


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