Hi everyone,


I finally did this. Its been a roller coaster of different things and emotions since my last post and I’m glad that I’m back and better.

So I’ll be sharing my notes from the conference, I wish I could explain everything but I can’t else this post will span into ten parts lol.

Here goes:

Banning Liebscher

There are things that God has planned, plans and purposes on his mind to fulfill. He wants us to partner with him to establish them on earth.God ruins us for anything else except the picture he has placed on our hearts.Don’t just want church, desire a REVIVAL. For God to speak to you, he’ll reveal a word through you. You prepare for what you value. Pray over it, Prepare for the fulfillment of the word, Speak faith filled words over it. Lets faith grow in you till there’s more room for fear.

Lisa Bevere

Lisa Bevere

Our destiny is greater than our history, Prophesy more, criticize less. We have to know the times we are in, we have to know who we are, we have to see ourselves as the solution to the world’s problems, we have to write what God has told us down and we have to have the right conversations with the right people.. Marriages should be power unions and not power struggles. Understand the fulfillment’s and commitments of being a woman. Begin to love conflict and contention because that’s when you press into victory. How God loves me is how he wants to love through me.I am without rival, nobody can take my place at God’s table. I am not a prototype, I am not scheduled for mass production. Your problem isn’t your problem, your problem is the answer to someone’s problem. God has a gatepost for you to watch over. Don’t let the gift of God in your life be subdued by culture and tradition. take your stand at your watch post and fight. STAND!!

Cross section of worshipers


Wise women build the house house, wise men build the women. Dominion is very different from domination. Make yourself available to the full range of spiritual gifts. Obey God- let people argue. Don’t usurp your gift, serve with your gift, plant and flourish. The great commission is our PERMISSION to go into the world.When God begins to call you out, he doesn’t care about your past, he calls you into a new name. She talked about 4 C’s: Classify(Don’t put labels on yourself that God hasn’t put on you). God’s calling on your life is deeper than any label that we would put on ourselves. Compare(Don’t let comparison steal from you. Christ and I are called to live dynamic and vibrant lives). Comparison is the refuge for the cowardly who won’t dare to believe that there is something more.Christianity is a battle not a dream, be brave enough to dream and then fight. Commend(when you measure and compare yourself with others, you lose your understanding). Compromise(Do not compromise for whatever reason). When God raises people passionately, there’s something hes up to. Often when we make mistakes, we think that we are mistakes. If you think that you are a mistake, you’re MISTAKEN! Say things so that you can be heard, say things respectfully, DON’T ATTACK. Make mistakes, don’t make excuses, HUMBLE yourselves. We are for truth and fellowship and not for bondage and religion. Truth without love is harsh, love without truth is a lie.


The way on to your faith is a continued relationship with Jesus. There are profound simplicity once we anchor ourselves to God, life begins to flourish. Simple obedience changes history. Great things happen when we ask ourselves daily, how do I give my best to God? Faithful obedience is giving your commitment to the things that God has asked of you. Let your obedience be marked by a fullness of faith. The normal christian journey should be filled with a radical level of faith. Your ability to dream with God is a really powerful part of your life.The mission and mantle of the gospel resides in believer not in the operation of the flesh. There’s something I carry that is to permeate and infuse everywhere I go. The only person that can carry the vision of your city and you family i you.  Don’t shrink back and deliberate about giving your life fully or not. Apply our faith to everything. Faithful obedience is Obedience + Expectation+ Activation. Make decisions by faith, don’t be duty bound or obligated. Faith is a substance and it is active. Faith is something you respond in life to, its not a mental agreement.


Ben Fitzgerald

Doing what you can only do with God is FAITH. I’m not just existing, I’m making a difference. The devil isn’t waiting to be spirit led, he’s working so why should we keep calm. God gave you a voice and permission not people. God didn’t save you to work in human patterns. A praying woman/mother always wins. Everything is free when you give you whole life to Jesus and not just a apart of it. When you say YES to God, you activate the blessing that comes with a YES. Renounce making men your source more than God. When you’re not genuine, you put a hook in your love. Speak God’s word boldly. Who’s opinion do you care about. Trust more in the source of your voice than any human source. Trust and rely on what God says. You fit in wherever God has called you,break the Spirit of fear. When man is no longer your source, all of a sudden you no longer swallow the pill of significance from someone else life. Sometimes there is no immediate fruit. Will you fight for souls more than you would fight for goals? Would you fight for Instagram likes rather then the affirmation of my love over you? The fear of man is a snare, it locks you up. God wants you free and liberated! Jesus+ Nothing = Everything. Are you holding back truth because its costing you opportunities. You can only change history with God’s kind of boldness. Don’t try to influence more than you’re listening to him. God hasn’t called us to any type of wisdom apart from himself.

That’s it. *phew*

Its a wrap!!

It was amazing watching people worship God without reservation and without holding any part of them back.

Selfless Worship



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