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We’re starting a Guest Writers Series. Yipee!

Today, we have our first guest writer on the blog *whoop whoop* *dancing Shaku Shaku*(honestly I’ve not had any chance to try out this dance because there’s no naija get together and I go to Hillsong so no praise and worship, at least not the naija kind *sigh*). Till then I shall continue dancing it in my room to the audience of one.

You must have been wondering why we have a pishure of a very fine geh and the title of this post is SHAME(like waaah, warris goin on here). No, its not a typo error.

She recently celebrated her birthday and wrote this short piece to mark the day. I saw it and I was drawn to because I could really relate, so enjoy this short piece from Gloria Amosun. She’s really dear to my heart btw.

Photo from Tobifusikaud83dudc83ud83dudc51.jpg

From my experiences, I believe shame is Satan’s biggest tool to keep us from becoming all that God wants us to be. If the enemy can do this, he can rob us from being effective in our personal lives and keep us from being all that God has created us to be.

I remember praying this prayer, a very funny prayer two years ago, “Lord, give me my big dose of shame so that nothing in this world shames me again”. As funny as it sounds, that prayer was answered. But I learned that shame does not come from God. He only let me go through a part of my process which could lead to big dose of shame, depending on how I responded to it. I responded in ways that caused me to experience shame.

“Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame…”

These words, I have held on to through the past one year… emphasis on “despising the shame”.

Shame is one of the most powerful means by which darkness takes hold on a life and slowly eliminates the possibility of a future filled with blessing. Shame creates a feeling that something must be wrong with us. Shame causes a sinking feeling rooted in FEAR. Shame makes us feel that no matter what we do, it will never be good enough. Shame started in the garden of Eden when Adam and Eve’s disobedience led them to sin and they instantly recognized their nakedness, and felt shame. The effects of sin spread rapidly. Eve involved Adam and blamed the serpent, then Adam blamed God first and then blamed Eve. Shame causes us to blame others for our past and all the injustice that has happened to us. Shame occurs in our lives when something shakes our world and shame often occurs through the people we love most. Shame can happen when we or other people make wrong choices. Shame carries over from our past. “Our wounds and disappointments come from a time when our needs were not met.” Shamed adults shame others. Ever seen parents who shame their kids in public? They were most probably shamed too. Shame promotes a feeling of worthlessness, growing in the hearts of its victims and causing them to feel that they have no value.

Shame can even come through churches. People “caught” in sin are shamed verbally as well as physically through how we respond to them. But, we need to learn how to deal with sin without shaming people… because SHAME LEAVES SCARS. I mean, it’s very okay that we hate the sin, but do we really love the sinner? In fact, most sins are committed as a result of shame. Shame compels us to form compulsive habits; from habits as funny as overeating to those as compulsive as fulfilling fleshly and sexual desires. Our flesh craves satisfaction. Shame rises up to torment each of us. The enemy feeds on our thoughts of our past activities. He will try to convince us that if we would just do this, we would feel better. Funny enough, this feeling of satisfaction only lasts for a moment, then we experience both shame AND guilt. The feeling comes over us that we are worthless because we did the same thing – again. You see, SHAME FORMS A CYCLE.

Shame comes from Satan NOT from God. It leaves a bad feeling, a lie, that we would never be able to overcome it. We feel so ashamed that we must hide it from people and then from God. We try to make everything on the outside look good, even if everything on the inside is breaking apart. Even more unfortunately, shame grows like weeds in a flower bed or garden. If you don’t get the roots, the weeds keep coming back and will take over the flower garden, leaving results that are devastating to the human eye. Weeds choke out the flowers and the plants, so they will not produce a harvest. Just the same, shame, if left in our lives for a long time will choke out all the beauty and ultimately destroy all the fruit in our lives.

When we allow Jesus to be LORD over EVERY area of our lives, we can become like a beautiful garden. He trades our shame for His glory and His exchange rate is better than anything this world has to offer. We have been set apart and we should look different from people who have not surrendered their SHAME to the Lord.

Now, I have learnt……that I have been set apart and I must act and look different than people who have not surrendered their shame to God. I have learnt that SHAME IS A LIE  of the devil, and the only way to deal with is to make sure our shame exchanges with the Lord(who already took our shame). I have learnt that you might have been shattered in shame, but God is set to crown you in glory…..if only you’ll agree to the exchange. Shame is a lie. It’s a lie. It’s a lie. It’s a lie. It’s a lie. It’s a lie. SHAME IS A LIE!!

Now, like Jesus, I’m learning to endure the cross….despising the shame. Are you?

I was so blessed by that. Were you?

Share a “shaming” experience in the comment section you’re glad you’ve overcome or that God turned around for good.

Photography: Timi Oshin Studios

Dress: Esgee Inc.

You can follow Gloria Amosun on Instagram: @gloria.amosun

Trust me she shares really amazing stuff there.

Till my next post,

Slay those goals and enjoy the new quarter!!


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