FASHION|| Before you give your tailor that cloth!

I knew the title would be attractive enough to get you here, lol.

Welcome back to my blog. April has been eventful and May too. I’ll share on my Instagram(soon. Follow me on social media if you aren’t) at the end of the month. I’ve learnt that I AM A STRONG WOMAN!

Chant that… feels good right. Okay chant, I AM A STRONG MAN TOO lol.

Don’t mind me. I am always being a drama Queen. I am so happy I finally got to do this post, it has been on my mind since last year when I was an apprentice *woah*

Yup,  I was an apprentice, and I became market smart(adding it to the book smart that I already am, by God’s grace our business shall be GREAT. Amen). The tailors taught me a lot indirectly and I tried not to get annoyed that I was always running errands. I learnt how to buy Akpu with Egusi and bitter leaf soup all in one, plus two pure water and big Pepsi to wash it down. Did I also forget cow head and two goat meat? hehehehe

They never cease to amaze me.

Anyway, these are the top six (6) tips I learnt while working or serving or slaving away sef. I hope they guide you on things to look out for before giving a tailor your cloth. Let’s go!

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1. Previous Jobs

One way to know how good a tailor is is by looking at his previous jobs. How do I do that you say? Take a look around his shop or ask for pictures. Also, make sure you have been referred by someone who he has made something for. Ensure that you have SEEN proof of his work. This is really important and its one of the most important ways you can test the ability of the tailors work and ascertain that your cloth will come out great and not like the horrible “What I told my tailor to make vs What my tailor actually made” stories we actually see on Instagram.

2. Betting


This is one of the major threat to a Nigerian male tailor’s productivity(yes I worked with guys). I’ve seen betting take away their time and energies. I worked in a popular market that had a lot of tailors winning millions overnight and the tales sung throughout the next day. Instead of being productive and focusing on their job, they spend time plotting and planning their next Naija bet match fixtures and how much they were going to put in. A tailor with an active betting lifestyle won’t be productive at his job. This is because he has the get rich quick syndrome and he spends less time on his job and becomes less productive. My teacher, for instance, would advise customers to make styles that were easier for him to do and make them sound appealing in the customer’s eye. Let’s just say I wasn’t learning anything from him in terms of creativity because he made the same style most of the time. He would also use his last cash to bet with the hopes that he would finally make it one day and this also meant spending money for customers cloth on betting. This meant that he was always short of cash so any cloth that wouldn’t bring immediate cash was pushed to the side and this led to so many delays. It was a NIGTHMARE. Trust me.

This being said, if there is a way to find out the betting life of your tailor(male tailors) especially, please do!!

3. Pay half before


This is another rule I learnt the hard way. Pay your tailor half, no matter how much he whines about needing extra to buy linen for the lace and whatnot. This would help you discover two things. one, if he’s financially stable enough to float the remaining extra cost the cloth will cost him by himself. This shows his financial stability. Another is, it saves you in the event of mishaps from the tailor. Don’t make the mistake of making a full payment at first. You have been warned!! lol

4. Timeframe

Puleeaassse don’t be wowed when the tailor promises to make your cloth in groundbreaking record time. Yes its possible when you bring your cloth late, that’s fine because you’ll get whatever he gives you honestly. Beggars aren’t choosers. But we all know beautiful things take time. Let the time frame be realistic. Tailors that say they would deliver in groundbreaking record time lie most of the time. Honestly, they say all the sweet words to cajole you, you believe them and the result is a mess.

5. Ask around

Please ask around. If you can do a little snooping and ask fellow people around his shop about him/her, it’ll do you good. Just have friendly chit-chats with the people he works with and those around him, you would definitely have an idea of the kind of tailor he is.


6. Attitude

Now tailors that are good are good and confident in that fact. Tailors that are bad try really hard to please you and succumb to your every desire. If they don’t give constructive feedback and they always say yes to you, then that’s a sign that their work won’t be all that. They’re just after your money or should I say your down payment. I saw my boss always being over-enthusiastic about making a new customers cloth and I wish I could forewarn them before they gave him the cloth. If his/her attitude isn’t professional, then don’t be deceived. You’ll see their other side when its time to collect your dress.

I hope these tips have been helpful. I want to hear your comments about your recent ordeal with your tailor down below!!

P.S I had typed a major part of this post since April but due to school and so many other things, I couldn’t post it till now.

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