There’s space for you in the SKY!

Hi people,


May is finally over. I have mixed feelings about May because I was on a journey in my spiritual walk.

I also made some big decisions or should I say resolutions in May that I am proud of because I had to wear my big girl pants. I sadly severed some relationships that hurt and I had to learn to forgive even when I was the one that hurt more.

May was also beautiful as God always came through, I cried so many times like God you love me reach this level.

I’m grateful for his love.

I’ll be sharing something that I’ve come to learn recently.

So following and listening to my mentors a lot, I was pushed to step into their space and I follow who they follow so I would have a feel of who they connect with and how they think. This has led me to follow so many people and I connect with so many people daily doing big stuff and running after big dreams and I realised something, THERE’S SPACE FOR EVERYONE INCLUDING YOU.

How do I know this?

There are new people to follow every day, someone new to listen to who has come with something amazing. When I think I know almost everyone in fashion, bam, I see a new dress and some new designer who has existed for like 10-15 years and I’m just finding out about him/her. It’s like there are people everywhere doing big stuff. It is not just limited to some people. There aren’t a specific people picked to be GREAT. New things keep coming out daily. Stop sitting in your chair and saying, they have done everything, there is nothing to do again. I even realised that some ideas that people run with are geographical(ie people doing the same thing but in different places). Sometimes, it feels likes so many people are doing great things and you’re wondering where and how you would fit in. Just start, the sky is wide enough to accommodate everyone.

Forget the lies they told you, forget that it looks like you have to be in a certain club or egbe (association in Yoruba) or clique to be able to achieve those dreams. It’s a LIE!!!

There’s space for you. No one is marking attendance or taking the register or saying don’t come in or you’re not allowed here. You’re allowed to defy the odds. To break and shatter glass ceilings, you’re allowed to set trends and change the status quo.

Nobody gives you permission. You owe it to yourself to be out there.


In fact, I give you permission, step out into the deep.  Show the world what’s on your inside.

Also, seek mentorship, read books, attend programs and conferences. Take notes, ACT on them, go over them, Journal, document your failures and how you rose from them. Celebrate the little and great wins, they all count.

There’s space, lovely one for you in the SKY.

It isn’t full, it never has and will never be.


Tobifusika (^_^)

Outfit details:

Shoes: Primark

Blazer: Atmosphere

Neckpiece: Ankara(part of my challenge)

Earrings: Primark

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