Hi family,

I wish you knew how long I have wanted to do a fashion post but so many things constrained me.

I’m glad that I finally have a post up. Please expect more cos this girl has a lot coming.

Looking good is a priority and it is so important because people assess you first by how you look and it says so much about you before you open your mouth.

I’ll be sharing a few tips on how to look good without breaking the bank.

#Get the basics.

This is really important, there are some things that every Queen must have in her wardrobe and they include a little black dress, a black skirt/trousers, a black blazer, black bag, black heels, black flats, a pair of jeans, white/black shirt and camisole. These are the basics that every wardrobe should have and trust me when I say they go a really long way in saving the day. They are the real MVP’s.


#Grab a few pop coloured outfits.

Having a few bold colours never hurt anyone said Tobi lol. Don’t mind me! Bold colors are bae. They are always recognized and always attract comments and confidence. You won’t be forgotten easily when you wear a bold color. It can be a red blazer or a mustard camisole, a green chiffon top or a blue court heel. Trust me they speak volumes and can take your outfit from drab to BAM!!!


 #Acquire timeless pieces.

Timeless pieces are very essential for everyone and by timeless pieces I mean pieces that last and are original. Pieces that will stand the test of time. They may be hard to get but trust me their durability will save you a lot of stress later on. Timeless pieces are things like original jewelry that won’t fade(“gold” turning to silver), leather handbags, quality shoes that won’t peel or visit the cobbler every other day, trousers and skirt that won’t hairs or change color. They must not necessarily be designer but you know when a product is a quality one and when it isn’t.


  #Invest in WOW outfits.

I call them WOW outfits because I get a comment about these pieces every time I wear them. Even people who have seen them before are always complimenting the outfit even though I can bet that they have seen it before. The power of WOW outfits!

My WOW outfit here has been this skirt, the nude stoned heeled sandals and also this offwhite and black heels.

The skirt especially has always gotten reactions from people and made me stand out. I am a shoe person(covers face). I’m not really into bags so you won’t see me with any WOW bags. I am planning to increase my bag and jewellery collection soon.

I hope these tips have been helpful!

Which would you incorporate into your wardrobe and which do you already have?

Please leave your comments.

Till next time,



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