Loving Up on Jesus: 6 Ladies on How they Enjoy Their Personal Devotion.

Hi everyone,

I’m glad to be back here.

Its been a few days, I guess. Trying to be consistent this month in sharing with you here. So far, so good, I think I’ve been doing great.

Life, in general, has been great. I went to a finance hangout and I learned a lot about investments. There’s so much we can achieve when women(people) come together and share their wealth of knowledge with others. This is why I decided to find out how other ladies make their quiet time enjoyable and not just a routine.

In this post, my Elizabeths(My sisters who encourage, strengthen and comfort me on this walk with the father) share how they enjoy their quiet time.


“For me, I just play worship songs and sing along. My version of the Bible is Life Application Study Bible. It’s definitely easy to relate to”.



“First of all, I love God and am super happy to spend time with him in the midst of the days’ busyness. I’m always super happy when I do have long quiet times because these days that hasn’t been so easy to come by.

First, songs. I like to listen to worship songs that I’m loving at the moment. The songs that connect me to God in my current season. I always have those songs on replay. I love using The Passion Translation(TPT) version and I love to use it when I am studying. It makes me feel more connected to the words.

Also, worshipping and speaking in tongues is awesome”



My journal is my absolute must-have. I believe a quiet time is just what it is. A time to converse, say the things you wouldn’t dare say to anyone but yet you know are safe with God as you

listen to him instruct you. As I read my bible, I prefer to listen to soft Christian music. Usually, Hillsong does it for me. I don’t put on my phone and I make sure I have no potential distractions active.



I particularly read more than one version of scripture as a comparative analysis. It allows me to know more and see beyond. This I find really exciting. Journaling is an activity I engage in during my time of fellowship with God that makes it more fun for me. Pouring out every thought and writing realities, prophecies, dreams and promises down has a way of stirring up faith and healing what I didn’t even know needed healing.

Finally, I listen during my time of fellowship with God. Like an eager child waiting to hear her loving Father. I sit and listen and he surely speaks. When he does, its breathtakingly beautiful.



I make my devotion enjoyable by writing letters to God. I come with the knowledge into his presence that he is my Father and I can just rest in his presence.

I also study themes. I’m currently studying on wisdom and I read scriptures around the theme and also listen to messages on it too. I study themes that I notice he is drawing me too.


photo (1)

I think I use the most amazing study Bible for ladies. It’s called the God Girl Bible and I’m super glad I bought it. It has real-life stories and experiences and addresses basically everything a woman will go through in life, with scriptures to strengthen and clarify at each phase. I use other versions of the Bible when I’m studying. It helps me read a verse in so many different ways so I understand what the Bible is really saying. I also play music as led by the Holy Spirit and I tell him I want songs that relate to my current season and he helps me find them and they help me as I study the word.

Finally, when I’m praying, I just talk. I’m a writer and I’m so good at telling stories and articulating how I feel at each point in time. I tell God stories(covers face). I put whatever I want to say in the most interesting way and act my one drama for Him. And in the place of being super real with him, he speaks….even through the tiniest things.


My Secret Place ^_^

I definitely learned a lot from these amazing sisters of mine that I’m privileged to be on this journey with.

I hope they’ve helped you think of new ways to make your quiet time more memorable and beautiful with the Father.

Kindly share some of the ways you make your devotion a memorable time with God in the comment section. Can’t wait to learn from you.



2 thoughts on “Loving Up on Jesus: 6 Ladies on How they Enjoy Their Personal Devotion.

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  1. This is great. Thanks for this
    My devotion is more of worshiping and writing
    Studying of the word isn’t so consistent- most times it’s when I’m using my devotional or probably meditating and something pops up in my head and I have to check it out or I’m going through a Rick Warren’s online devotional. If not it’s…😷.
    Definitely gonna work on it- maybe try out versions that was mentioned
    Thank you

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