Make your second half less stressful: Here’s what I did.

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the second half of the year!!

I’m so excited we are here. Can’t believe its the 11th day already.

School has been a lot. Honestly, my second semester is not easy. I feel like I was playing throughout my first semester. God has been my help and my strength so far and I can’t wait to be done.

I’ll be sharing some things I had to do in order to make life less stressful for me especially now that I have a lot on my plate. I’ve had to let some things go sadly. If you know me, you’ll know that I love holding unto things and memories. 

So here are some things I decided to do to make life stress free especially in the second half.


I was tempted to put many things above this or should I say before this but then I reminded myself why I’m still alive, sane and strong. It’s GOD. Nothing else can take that place. My personal time with him in prayer and also reading the word. I recently attended the Evening of Worship(EOW) and it was amazing. I’m glad I spent all that I did to get there. Nothing like God’s presence. Hallelujah somebody wooh.


I can’t tell you how much going out has helped. Though my favourite spot in the world still remains my bed.  A change of scenery has helped so much. There’s just something it does to you. Thanks to my friend Pehlu that dragged me out recently. Isn’t she beautiful?

Indian beauty.
Best Girl!


Going out to places to meet like-minded people and just discussing with them really makes me unwind. I get to share what’s on my mind and ask questions. I attended a hangout by Money Africa and we were just three ladies but we got to talk and ask questions. Let’s just say my financial literacy is higher and better now and your girl has started investing.

Model of laive (^-^)
With Money Africa(Tosin) and Millie(She’s French and she also makes clothes)


During my waiting season, let’s just say I busied myself by being involved in so many things online which was amazing btw. I’m currently in school and having so much mail that is irrelevant can be annoying so I couldn’t believe myself when I started unsubscribing(As I said earlier, I love holding on to things). So you can imagine how decluttering my mailing list must have made me feel. It was good tho, I now have very few unimportant mail.


It was hard also(people person alert). I think “NO” is slowly becoming my favourite word. You just can’t please everyone.


This one is hard, really hard for me. Admitting that I need help, mba. I rather break. I learnt the hard way. Not everyday Superwoman. Some days ask for help and admit that you cannot do everything all by yourself.



This has been the hardest for me being that I am a people person. I have learnt to be semi-selfish and take time out for me. Watching Mexican soap operas(I can’t believe I like them), Playing music and dancing(Let’s just say I’ve fallen in love with Adekunle Gold), Reading(There’s something about reading that just opens up my mind to bigger possibilities). Taking social media breaks have also been helpful. Most times I just log out of Instagram and decide not to reply my WhatsApp messages(I’ve turned off my notification for WhatsApp permanently so if I don’t open the app, I cant see my messages). It has been a lifesaver.


So feel free to share different ways you’ve reduced your stress levels in the comment section.

Would love to hear from you.


4 thoughts on “Make your second half less stressful: Here’s what I did.

Add yours

  1. Awesome read. I probably should spend more hanging out with friends and network more…
    To de-stress, I love to travel… Unfortunately I haven’t traveled much lately. But I’m in a profession that requires lots of traveling so I’ll make up for that soon enough. 😂 😂 😂
    I also often take spiritual maintenance break. My relationship with Jesus can be crappy sometimes (maybe most times). So it’s an opportunity to reconnect, reevaluate and refresh.

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  2. Nice post Tobi. I think I’ll just have to make myself happy rather than forcing myself to please everyone. I’m newly madly in love with Adekunle Gold’s songs too


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