Hi people.

Happy New MONTH! Welcome to September.

Its the ninth month of the year. How time flies. I hope your time is not flying because you are doing something relevant with your time. Its never to late to smash those goals.

I’m glad to finally do another fashion post. It’s been a while. If you follow me on Instagram, you would realise that I’ve been keeping people guessing regarding my shirt and the words on the shirt. I really had fun with you guys honestly.

Without wasting time, I would be sharing five(5) different ways you can style and rock oversized shirts. If you know me, you would know that due to my petite frame(which I am grateful to God for. My husband must be buff. Say Amen) I tend to wear big shirts a lot. From my brother’s corporate shirts which I “borrow” and pair with my skinny jeans or leggings or the shirts I “obtain “ from my male friends (trust me if I have not obtained any from you then we’re not friends) just saying.  Lol

So here we go:

#1 Always roll up the sleeves

Trust me there is this appeal your look gives when your sleeves are folded and the remaining part of your outfit is big. I can’t explain it but it always makes the shirt look good. I would never be caught dead wearing baggy shirts without folding the sleeves. It’s like a life rule for me. Lol! It’s never that serious oh.


#2 Wear it with leggings

The rule of thumb in fashion is that if a part of your outfit is big the other must be small. It is never big and big or small and small or loud and loud. Ever heard of opposites attract yeah, that’s what’s happening here. So if you’re wearing a baggy shirt, every other thing must be fitted and kept calm and simple. A pair of leggings would be great or jeggings. In this case, I wore jeggings because I didn’t have leggings. You could go for any colour of your choice but please make sure it matches your shirt biko. We don’t want the fashion police around!


#3 Switch it up with shorts

Yeah, shorts that fit are perfect for big shirts. If the shirt is really long, you could fold or tye them into a knot behind your back or to your side before wearing them so they don’t swallow the shorts. You could fold them in to rest on your waist like I did with mine. My shirt isn’t so baggy but it is long that’s why I folded them.


YSB(Young, Saved and Beautiful also celebrated her 2nd year anniversary). I’m grateful to God!

#4 Wear them with your favourite jeans (that match)

This is the easiest option as most people already have jeans in their wardrobe. Make sure the jeans are snug and they fit. The shade of jean should also match with the top because there are different shades of jeans. This is not a license to wear any jean and look anyhow just because it is your favourite pair.


Different shades of jeans.

#5 Pair it with a skirt

I decided to add this look last minute. I was a bit sceptical at first to see if the look would work. You could either wear a fitted pencil skirt,  a denim skirt or an Ankara one like I’m wearing. Either way, you’ll look amazing with a skirt and a baggy top especially if you stylishly tuck it in.

So yeah, that’s it.

What was your favourite look among them?

Let’s talk in the comment section.


Outfit details:

Shirt from: WiiCreate for YSB

Boots: Primark

Sunglasses: Primark

Shorts: DIY by me for my #100daysofAnkaraChallenge



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