The Pressure Trap!


Yes, you, I need your help.

So many voices in my head. “Be here, do here, this looks good, why aren’t here, you should do this”

People’s timelines, someone else’s deadlines. It’s like huge weight crashing on me.

I see where I am and I get frustrated and angry. It’s like I am in this dark hole where everything is pulling me towards their direction.

My head is spinning with so many things and my mind can’t handle them all.

I don’t want to be part of the rat race and sucked into the trap. The one you’re not told about but you find yourself in.

Trying to please people, trying to fulfil someone else’s expectations of you, trying to reach and unknowingly set standard.


Take a break while you can.


Find solace in the quietness that comes with the Secret Place.

You’ll be fine.

I know you will.

Just rest and trust.

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