Hi everyone,

I just got back from Glasgow and I enjoyed every bit of it. I would be sharing details of my trip in this blog post.

Glasgow is the most populous city in Scotland and its the fourth most populous city in the United Kingdom. It is a little far from England(My journey took about 5-6 hours). It is colder than England(It was so cold and everyone was like this is nothing😭)

While I was in Glasgow, I got to visit a few places courtesy of my family friend who made sure I went round Glasgow(if I had my way, I would have been indoors, you guys know how much I love my bed).

I also had the privilege of taking care of her baby, Modupe. She’s a year and eight months and so cute😍(My ovaries ooh). Someone even said she looks like me and I joked about September being the ninth month since I got to the UK so who knows. Lol

First stop was the Kelvingrove Art Museum and Gallery.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

I’m now a Pofessional Photographer😂

I didn’t really enjoy the tour of this museum as it had paintings and some other boring stuff which was cool art for some people but boring for me. I managed to find some art from Nigeria.

There was also a roof that had different heads with different expressions. I’m sure a Yoruba mother would be casting and binding if she had come here like what kinda thing is this.

I also found this book which was funny to me. Look at the picture, you’ll know why.

Took some selfies with my aunt and her baby and we were off.

I love this picture sooo much.

She’s so cute❤

We went shopping for clothes, I didn’t find anything I wanted(student budget wahala😂)

I met up with my friend from secondary school💃. I hadn’t seen her for so long and we caught up on everything going on with us.

The next day, we went to another museum and also got on the boat. I forgot to take pictures on the boat as it was dark.

I took pictures in and out of the museum tho. At first, when my aunt said we were going to another museum, I almost cried.

But guess what, it was fun and interesting.

Lesson learnt:

You don’t know how things might turn out till you try.

I ended up having content for my Instagram feed and she was also very eager to take my pictures( I rarely ask people to help me take my pictures or do stuff for me in general. I just feel vain doing it or feel like I’m stressing them except I’m really comfortable with them🙈)

She took a lot of pictures for me and I ended up asking her most times. Maybe it’s a culture thing or I just don’t like bothering people about what concerns me. I’m learning everyday tho.

The Riverside Museum had things that showed the history of Glasgow.

The first of everything that was produced like cars, bicycles, subway(train station), Tailor’s shop, Cobblers store, Telephone boot, Fire Service, The first car built etc


There was so much history there. You could see how they evolved from time to time and it was beautiful. I wished we had things like this in Nigeria.

I took this picture in front of the museum.


We got on the boat but I didn’t take pictures sadly. But I took some from the edge of the the river. It was beautiful.

Riverside Museum

I finally shopped after the boat ride💃💃 and also the next day. Let’s just say this girl won’t be buying anything till Christmas😂😂. Finally got a winter jacket. The cold won’t take me unawares this time😎

On Sunday, I went to church. It was a great service. I didn’t miss Hillsong Church( my church in London) so much because they sang a lot of Hillsong songs which I enjoyed.

I chose this spot when we were heading to church and my aunt did justice to the picture.
Sunday in Glasgow
Looking good and feeling cold.

I planned to meet up with another friend but it didn’t work out(babysitting duties😍) which I enjoyed.

All in all, Glasgow was fun. It was nice to eat and cook for people asides myself. Engage in similar conversations and not worry if the people you’re conversing with will understand you.

It was a fun holiday and one I really needed after my hectic semester.

If you made it this far, thank you for stopping by my blog.



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  1. Erm….i hope u didn’t prepare the food on ur dp the other day for ur relatives….but a wonderful write-up…wanted to turn the pages for a sneak peak at season two but I realized it was a phone I was holding but such is life…and as for ur relationship with ur bed…be careful ooo…had one too with mine till I fell off one day but we both know it threw me off…I filed for divorce ofcourse! Sofa here I come!!!. Good one tobi

    Liked by 1 person

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