Hi people,

Happy New Month🙈. I’m late, I know.


I recently turned 23 last week Tuesday 🎈and I was thinking about what to blog about this week, I considered doing a post on 20 things about me which I may still do later on. I eventually decided to share lessons I learnt from last year.

Here goes:

-There are people for every season of your life

I was glad I readily recognized them and I knew when it was time to let some people go. It will be hard but it has to be done. Some people have to go, let them and some will be in similar seasons with you, accept them. Don’t be too stuck on people that you don’t grow or develop and you allow them to become hindrances/ stumbling blocks in your life.

-Mind who you vent to.

This one pained me ehn😢. When some people ask you what’s wrong with you or why you’re complaining about something, make sure they are the right people before you open your mouth. I’m not saying they must have gone through your issues to understand you but trust me you don’t want someone who would worsen your situation. You need people who would uphold you, strengthen you, counsel you right and even pray for you afterwards. Words hurt and they can sting! Be careful who you allow speak over you.

Words hurt and they sting also. Be careful who you allow speak over you.

-Only lend the amount that you can let go of

I got this advice a while ago from a sister’s friend and I think it slipped out of my mind for a little while😖. Only lend the amount that you don’t mind not getting back. If the person doesn’t refund this amount be sure that you won’t nurse a grudge later on against the person. Protect your heart from hate and anger. Forgiving and forgetting isn’s easy trust me. I learnt the hard way😟

-Clarity is overrated. Do it afraid!

I know you feel like you have to be really sure and know what you’re up to before you do it. That’s a big lie. People who do great things aren’t even sure half of the time when they do it. They just start and then figure it out from there. The Bible says ” In his light, we see light” Its kind of there is an unveiling as we go along the way. That’s how I have been able to accomplish the little that I have done.


-Its okay to make mistakes.

Its what you do afterwards that count. Yeah, that’s so true. As one who tries to get things right a lot, I had to learn to fall and stand afterwards. Sometimes, in the falling, you learn new ways/methods, you become tougher and your resolve gets stronger. No one is perfect, don’t be too hard on yourself. Last year, I learnt from my mistakes rather than beat up myself for making them.

-Ask for help when you need it.

For someone like me who has been taught to be self-sufficient, needing little or nothing from others, asking for help is like a big deal. I always feel like my problem is mine and shouldn’t disturb anybody. I realised this year that you can’t do life alone. The person you’re asking for help may not solve all your problems but it is going to be at least half solved🤗

A problem shared is a problem solved. Most of it anyways.

-GOD is a constant🙌.

Padi mi, you didn’t think I would forget him, did you?

In everything, don’t forget who has your back and who is more faithful than anyone else in the world to you even bae. Yeah, I said it, come and beat me. Don’t neglect the secret place, don’t stay far from your Spirit food( the word). Don’t think there is anything that you would ever do that would separate you from his love, he loves you regardless.


I hope you learnt something from my lessons. They feel a bit personal tho but I hope it helps you too.

Kindly share in the comments section the one you can relate to👇


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  1. All the lessons were necessary to share but lessons two and three just stood out to me because they’re sooooooo important and no one actually tells you these things. Thank you for sharing babe❤️


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