It was an unveiling as I realised that God hadn’t called everyone else to the same season of singleness as he called me(I would get married do not be afraid😂😂)

It felt like a lonely road(sometimes) other times I was glad I didn’t have to bother with the emotional baggage and palava.

I remember the first time I saw my really close friend with his babe, it was like I received a punch to my gut. I felt out of place and lonely.

Some days it’s easy because I chase all that God has called me to with a gusto that’s unrivalled and unrestrained and without distractions.

I get to live my life fully and slowly build myself into all that God wants me to be.


Some days its quiet and I reach for my phone and want to text the “almost boyfriends”, I’m the Queen of that association, did I tell you?( Sweet Girl Association has nothing on me😪)

But in these seasons, I’ve learnt to trust God alone and hold on to him steadfastly.

I’ve learnt to be deeply rooted and not rely on man for anything.

I’ve learnt that I am single but not alone🙅

Cos Abba holds my heart and he’s my PERFECT MATCH.


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