One Year in Landan: The Good, The bad and The Process.

Hi People🙈,

and you *screeeeeeaaaaaaam* She’s back💃💃💃.

I know I’ve missed you too❤.

I took a massive break and I’m sorry I didn’t give a heads up. A lot happened in the name of school. Let’s just say my year just began and your girl has finally submitted her dissertation🎓

If you didn’t catch my play on words, ma binu. It’s been a year since I moved to London and trust me as much as I needed the time away from home, a whole lot has happened. I’ve started selling lemonade because life didn’t give me lemons, it grew a lemon tree in my backyard🌳, like an entire tree. I decided to share snippets because if I wrote a book, it would be a New York best seller trust me.


It was nice to move away from home and do things without my parents hovering around(I love and appreciate them trust me but sometimes it can be a tad too much). I like that I could follow my to-do list without my mum randomly injecting the list of things she would have me do without prior warning. I also got to explore my creative side with the 100 days of Ankara challenge. I stopped at Day 75 last year but I was so proud of myself because I pushed my creative self harrrd.  I also met amazing people from different countries in the form on housemates and schoolmates.

Almost forgot, I hugged Mama Lisa Bevere aaaaaaaaaah😍. It was amazing watching her preach at the Jesus Culture Conference, I saw Kim Walker as well. For someone who doesn’t like travelling, I did a lot of travelling from Manchester to Birmingham to Coventry to Scotland to Lancaster to Hastings 🌏*alot*.

My amazing church family: I remember when I would always pray about finding friends in church. God gave me more than friends, he gave me family. I do not take my service to God nor my relationship with them for granted. That being said, joining a service team in the church can bring people into your life if you feel isolated in church.


Hmmmm, as much I don’t like reliving downtimes. I won’t lie to you and tell you that’s its been a rosy journey.

-My Biometric Resident Permit got missing when my jacket fell off on my way to Manchester. I had to pay over 100 pounds to get it back. This was one of my very down times as I could do very little within the three(3) months it took me to get a new one.

-Racism: Brruuuuh it is stylishly real. These guys can be politely racist. You won’t even know that it has happened to you until it has happened to you. That’s how good they are. Let’s just say I didn’t get some jobs because I was not a waid person.

-Community: Haven grown up in a place that is overflowing with community, friendships and authentic relationships, it was hard for me to adjust to the life here. Thank God for friends that stayed in touch. Odinaka is a gift to my life. Slowly building a new community and I’m glad.


I chose to name this “The Process” because I don’t see my life as having ugly situations. God always turns them around. So in the process, I learnt:

I AM STRONG💪: You know those things that you never thought you could handle because you didn’t think you would ever face them. I faced them and I came out strong.

I realised that life will throw you rocks. You have to take it all in then hand it over to Daddy. Don’t hold it to yourself or keep it close to ya chest. That’s a recipe for worry/panic attack/sleepless night/lack of faith.

OPEN UP: Talking to people doesn’t come easy for me. This year I learnt how to depend on people even more and share more. Grateful for my squad. I couldn’t have asked for better people to do life with. The funny thing was I realised that people go through the same thing almost at the same time but we always delude ourselves into thinking that if we speak up people would judge us and then we keep quiet and suffer alone. I realised that people go through the same seasons together and because we are so tight-lipped, we don’t get solutions or even just a shoulder to cry on.

BE YOU: People will hurt you and treat you anyhow but you determine your response. Last year a lot happened and it would have made me a bitter angry black woman. I decided that I would still be me: spreading love, encouraging, comforting people and pushing people to become the best version of themselves especially my teenagers. I saw many people become bitter and angry last year. They allowed an incident contaminate their Spirit and make them victims of their situations. I refuse to be bitter and angry. It’s not easy but I’m on my way out of it.

You are Worthy and you are Loved. Yes you!

I am glad you made it to the end. Thank you! I talk a lot right *covers face* but I know you enjoyed it. Please leave a comment below and like this post.

17 thoughts on “One Year in Landan: The Good, The bad and The Process.

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  1. A nice piece…
    See eh.
    I’m learning strength too now.
    God help me.. I’ve not been here long but I’m quickly realising all that this world is really wild.
    Some persons don’t like persons of darker skin colour.. And “don’t like” is a very soft word.
    Nothing of value you do has value to them.
    It takes strength to overlook that and forge ahead in this life. Focusing on it will only breed sense of insecurity,sadness and hatred.

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  2. Awwwn! I really enjoyed reading these lessons. Also enjoyed looking at the pictures. God has definitely kept your cheeks popping. More grace this year. Your light would continue to shine brighter and brighter

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  3. Awwwn! I really enjoyed reading these lessons. Also enjoyed looking at the pictures. God has definitely kept your cheeks popping. More grace this year. Your light would continue to shine brighter and brighter


  4. Yaay! Thanks for sharing your vulnerable moments Tobi. It’s great to see another post from you. Truly agree about the part of talking to people. The honest truth is everyone is going through stuff . If we can be strong enough to be vulnerable, we give other people permission to do the same. (Quote by me lol) Congrats on submitting your dissertation. Whooops

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  5. I didn’t even know when it finished I thought I had gotten a novel. It was interesting and inspiring.. I’m trying to like but it seems like I need to have a blog of my own. So all the same I like it a lottle(lot).

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  6. I really enjoyed reading this. Talk a lot ke? I didn’t even notice. That’s how interesting your post was.

    Wow London! I recall doing my Masters in London sometime in 2015/2016. Like you too I can keep to myself a lot but I’m glad you found your tribe/community. London has its good and bad sides. I wish I got to travel around like you but one thing I’m grateful for was that I got to attend the Hillsong Conference and someone paid for my tickets! I’d been thinking about it in my heart cos I was short on cash but God just came through just like that!

    This good God!

    Omg! Lisa Bevere?!! You hugged Lisa Bevere?! I’m so jealous!

    Congrats on your Thesis by the way.

    Liked by 1 person

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