Life Lately!

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Hi there,

I know. It has been too long. VERY LONG. OVERLY LONG. I actually ran away. You are probably wondering what hole I just crawled out from lol.

School was a lot…….Life was a lot too. I needed space from social media and blogging as well but trust me you were always on my mind. I no forget you(I didn’t forget you), you’re always on my mind. I’M BACK…feel free to remind me when it feels like I’m disappearing again.

So let’s play catch up:

I’ve been busy with some projects(or I should be busy with them soon). Can’t wait for them to be unveiled.

I’ve learned how to drown out the noise from social media, is it only me or these days, there’s just so much being said or going on and it seems like everyone has an opinion. I drowned out the noise by turning off post notifications from Instagram, not opening and commenting on some tweets on twitter and un-following some people.

My eye bags tho

I’m learning that there is a higher mark/calling upon our lives and our lives are not merely for our glory/fame/recognition/acceptance. Our lives, relationships and businesses, ministry, 9-5; whatever it is are not about us but about God’s kingdom agenda.

We need to open our eyes to see the bigger picture and being to press towards this as a mark.

In other news, YOUR GIRL FINALLY GRADUATED! Not only that God crowned it with a commendation…..GOD IS LOUD(In Tife’s voice)

MSc. in the bag
Styled as always by The Chayil Woman
The ruffles on the sleeves is

Please let’s catch up, how has 2019 been? What have you been up to? You can reply in the comments below.

Photography: @_steni_

Shirt: Something borrowed(don’t ask who)

Camera: SONY DSC H-400

Graduation Dress: @thechayil_woman

Graduation Shoes: @primark(similar)

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