I will just spill the beans now and tell you the answer not because I don’t like a bit of suspense but because that’s it.

I didn’t realize how hard I had been pushing myself lately which as a concept in itself isn’t bad but for me it became more of a curse than a blessing

I also missed the event where my Mama came to in Abuja. If you don’t know who my mama is then you are definitely not following me on social media(that should change ASAP).
I’m like babe, what’s happening with you?

I missed two major events due to stress and cramps(mother nature’s fault) and yeah me *puts my hand on my head*

I needed rest so bad that even after malaria hit me hard and I took the test and the drugs, it hit me again. I was pushing myself really hard and depending so much on ME to accomplish some things and make some things work/happen. I think I kinda forgot who was really in charge.

We all know who’s boss!

I had to pause, really pause, cancel everything that was already routine and really take time out to STOP.

It was a refreshing time getting my body back on track.

I learnt a lot and I promise to be good to my body from now on.

So yeah, TEDX went………*insert crying emoji* without me

My contribution to the team was still recognized(glory to God) and I stayed home, on my BED, which I’m still weeping about but I’ll be fine.

I’ll enjoy this season and this phase.

I’ll be fine.

Outfit details

Jumper- Gifted

Jeans- Papaya Clothing

Sneakers- JustFab (In brown)

Bag- Universal Threads and Co.


Add yours

  1. Thank God for sound health! It’s often underrated and not appreciated until when we get ill.
    Plus you should actually Rest a few times, and just like let things happen (I guess)
    God bless you
    Great read tobs
    We wanna see more

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