No Pressure 2020!

Happy New Year people….I’m grinning ear to ear!

It’s been the most anticipated year. People arguing on social media as to whether its a new decade or not. A lot of people became motivational speakers on the 31st lol. It was interesting to see that a lot of people decided to make plans and resolutions for the new year. Let’s hope they really did and that it wasn’t only about making noise on social media.

Here’s what we are going to do, we are going to take everyone’s advice, take the ones that we really need and throw the rest away. Why? This year is a NO PRESSURE year. We do not live by anyone’s rules and we are going to live at our pace.

Why did I decide to live a no pressure year- you may be wondering?. I’ve learnt that living by other people’s pace and timeline distracts us and leaves us feeling constantly shortchanged. When we really evaluate ourselves and work from our current state, plan from our current state, we achieve more because we live truly and fully from the place that we really are.

We commit to reading one book this year if that’s where we are instead of committing to reading one book every month. We commit to exercising weekly than everyday because we didn’t even exercise last year(sadly). We take little steps instead of leaps and we do this at our current sate instead of jumping for the big guns as a result of the new decade pressure or hype as my YSB Queens call it.

I commit to blogging weekly and being consistent at it than planning to do two to three posts weekly. Even if it means putting my shy face in front of camera. My friend Tosin(SST) and I organised a No Pressure 2020 event on the 3rd and it was a success. We challenged people to alternative thinking and to question anything that society, culture, parents, fiends, social media seems to be self imposing on them.

What are you doing differently this year or decade as many say? Share your thoughts with me in the comments section. See you next week.

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  1. TBH I had to drag myself to read this. I was feeling so down before I did, it’s barely two weeks into the year and I feel overwhelmed by all the happenings around me. Like I haven’t even done a quart of what I planned. All the same, I believe what God has said about me. Thank you Tee.

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  2. Hi Tobi! Thanks for sharing this… #NoPressure2020 love it!
    Well, this year, I’m living life at my own pace meaning my own goals, my own timeline – not some inherited or acquired ones… I’m also working at consistency… little, consistent steps. So far, its been good. Hoping the rest of the year would be even better 🙂

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  3. Hahaha at motivational speakers on the 31st. You’re funny oh. Loool.
    Like! No pressure o. All at your pace. Why put myself under the pressure God isn’t putting me? Lool. My goal is to be like Christ. So I’ll work towards that goal, instead of comparing myself with others. I hope to also read more and be organized this year. Bought my planner already. Even if I miss some days, I won’t let that deter me.

    Eating healthy is also part of the New year plan, but even with my plans, I’m learning I must be flexible just in case things don’t go as planned due to some unforeseen circumstances.

    I even wrote on how to follow God’s plan for the year here:

    Cheers to a greater year. With God on our side, all things are possible. Enjoying your blog so far.

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