How I created 4 looks from 1 fabric!

I’m back again people. It’s nice to be in your faces again.

Its been a long time since I did a fashion post. If you missed it, here’s the link.

I have had this planned for the longest time likeeeee. The only thing stopping me was pictures and finding someone to take pictures I could use for content for the post.

Finally, I found someone and was bold enough to pose in front of camera(remember #NoPressure2020). So let’s go!

First look: The kimono.

It was beautiful creating with this style. I designed it to consist mostly of the black fabric and then made the edge of the sleeves have a touch of ankara. You can re-make this kimono by using one of the major colors on your fabric then putting about 3 inches worth of fabric at the end of the sleeves. You could also decide to make the kimono shorter than mine(Hip length) and the sleeves can also be three quarter length.

I’m still getting a hang of this fashion shoot thing for my blog so guess what happened. You wouldn’t guess lol so let me help you, I forgot my kimono at home so I had to make use of an old picture where I wore this kimono while I was out with my brother.

P.S – The Holy Spirit reminded me that I had this picture because I was already sad that I wouldn’t be able to do this post cos I didn’t have a kimono picture and the post had already been titled 1 fabric, 4 styles. Thanks to the Holy Spirit. He’s the best.

Great genes right?

Second look: The Palazo.

This is one style trend that a lot of people are still skeptical about jumping on. They wonder if its the right fit for them or if it’ll flatter them because of their height, shape, body size etc. The hack is this: Just like mine, let it fit at your waist and then flare out. You definitely can’t go wrong with it. I paired it with my cropped jumper from Primark and completed the look with sneakers. I was going for a causal look here.

Third look: The Shorts

This look was the most fun to shoot. I paired this again with my cropped sweater and sneakers. I was going for a sporty look that can be worn anywhere. My bag made this look fit for outings where you don’t want to carry too much. This can also be worn with a tank top in whatever color. A beret would make the look more flattering.

Fourth look: The Palazo(2)

I love these pants so much. I get compliments anytime I wear them. It is a normal palazzo but the legs have different fabrics on them. One leg has the main ankara fabric while the other leg has a plain fabric. It’s for women who aren’t afraid to make a statement and be stared at because trust me people would look at you twice. Be ready for all the attention that it comes with. I added heels and my clutch purse to make it look a bit formal.

Which look was your favorite? Let me know in the comment section.

Until next week. Bye!

All items were tailored by @rayhaswish and designed by me(@tobifusika)

Photography: @folayinka_

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